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Massage Dorking - Call: 07771558012

Prevention is better than cure

The subject of prevention and fitness is extremely important. There is a great deal people can do for themselves to achieve an all-round feeling of wellbeing. Below are some tips, which come about from listening to clients over the years.

1: Try and be aware of your posture throughout the day

2: If working in front of a screen for long periods of time, try coming away on a regular basis (every 20-30 mins if possible) and roll the shoulders

3: Avoid staying in any one position for too long

4: Make sure the head is well supported in bed

5: Keep hydrated.

6: Warm up and down before periods of high activity

7: Be aware of raising the shoulders during the day and make a conscious effort to lower them.

8: Avoid driving with the elbow resting on the side window or arm rest

9: Try to avoid shoulder bags

10: If carrying children for prolonged periods of time, try swapping the arm you use.

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Massage Dorking specialises in deep tissue sports & remedial massage therapy for muscle tension caused by sport, occupation or trauma. For over 10 years Massage Dorking has been providing the poeple of Dorking and the surrounding area with the very best in personalised treatment.


Living with the discomfort of muscle pain can drain you of energy and have a significant impact on your quality of life; having massage is a significant step towards addressing this imbalance.


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