As an active sports person, I am familiar with the pain and discomfort muscle tension can cause. I also appreciate the impact it can have on a person's quality of life. Problems with muscles occur for a variety of reasons: sports, stress, bad posture, occupation and injury are just a few. Whatever the cause, where circumstances permit, having the problem treated as early as possible is always beneficial.

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Stuart Spiers

BSc, RawDip, I.T.E.C
  • Qualified Massage Therapist - MICHT
  • Sporting interests: Cycling, Squash, Kayaking
  • Practicing since 2005

Deep tissue Remedial Massage for muscle tension caused by:

  • Occupation
  • Sports
  • Trauma

“With any therapy treatment good interaction between the client and therapist is key and I encourage an open and relaxed environment in which feedback can be freely given, helping to ensure that clients get the most benefit out of each session”.

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