The subject of prevention and fitness is extremely important. There is a great deal people can do for themselves to achieve an all-round feeling of wellbeing. Below are some tips, which come about from listening to clients over the years.

  • 1
    Try and be aware of your posture throughout the day
  • 2
    If working in front of a screen for long periods of time, try coming away on a regular basis (every 20-30 mins if possible) and roll the shoulders
  • 3
    Avoid staying in any one position for too long
  • 4
    Warm up and down before periods of high activity
  • 5
    Make sure the head is well supported in bed
  • 6
    Keep hydrated
  • 7
    Be aware of raising the shoulders during the day and make a conscious effort to lower them
  • 8
    Avoid driving with the elbow resting on the side window or arm rest
  • 9
    Try to avoid shoulder bags
  • 10
    If carrying children for prolonged periods of time, try swapping the arm you use

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